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New England Property Tax Appeals Attorneys

You have the right to file a property tax appeal on your real estate, whether residential or commercial. If you think you are paying too much in property taxes, attorneys David G. Saliba and David J. Saliba may be able to help. We are familiar with the real estate market throughout New England.

Saving you money
If you authorize us, we will take the necessary action to reduce your taxes and save you money. From negotiating your taxes with the local tax assessor, analyzing the property record card and appraisals, and finally, appealing your tax bills to the County Board of Taxation, we’ll be with you each step of the way.

For Massachusetts property tax appeals to be processed, forms, evidences and other essential documents must be presented before the Tax Board for evaluation. Compiling all these documents is cumbersome and demands a lot of time and attention. The gathering stage is just the beginning of the entire struggle and the stage where most people start to lose hope. This is where the aid of an expert property tax appeal attorney is needed. Our attorneys have the profound knowledge needed in composing a credible and powerful plea. With the rapid decline of property values, challenging the tax assessment of a property through a legal counsel can potentially lead to lower property taxes.

How we can help
We typically initiate the assignment by evaluating the property and giving home owners advice if their property is eligible for an appeal. If the property is evaluated as a good contender, then we start the ball rolling by gathering evidences for the claim. Additionally, we have access to documents restricted to ordinary individuals making them capable of providing strong proofs to strengthen the appeal.

In contrast to the belief of many property owners, property tax appeal is not limited to residential areas only. Owners of commercial and industrial properties may find the program effective for their properties.

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